Goal of the inception of 3DBP was to improve the designing and the actual building of buildings with the modern knowledge and available techniques. Two theme's emerged: the creation of a 'business plan for creation of a building' and the securing this plan by using Building Information Modeling

After a few small projects in 2005 a bigger -and very succesfull- project came along: the railway museum in Utrecht. As a second opinion assignment the project was redesigned in 3 months, resulting in 20% under budget, 4.000m2 more area and reduction of the buildingtime by 50%.

Capacity needed to be increased due to more projects. Due to the building-boom and the lack of employers with the appropriate BIM knowledge, a new branch was opened in India. The employees have been trained locally and in the Netherlands with the European way of building and 3D BIM.

The world of building, as well as the role of the architect, changed fased after 2008. Although the difficult years, various architectural and (BIM) consulting projects have been realised.

The role and assignments of 3DBP change towards IT. BIM has always been a combination of building knowledge and the digital representation of buildings. Slowly this knowledge is being used and merged in projects where architecture, internet and GIS come together.